Monday, November 20, 2006

Nieman Narrative Conference

On Poynter you can find the report about the Nieman Narrative Conference that was held in Boston this past weekend. The report is written by Bill Kirtz, a professor at the Northeastern University, who has been attending the past conferences, as well.
It is sad that Poynter does not publish detailed reviews of the specific lectures anymore, but I guess they did not find enough volunteers; if I remember correctly, Bill wrote last year's report, too.
I was disappointed with NNC homepage, though; the programme is anounced but no details are provided.
I can hardly wait the day when I will be able to virtually attend the conference; the day ehen I will be able to listen, see and read the presentations via internet. Perhaps the technology that enables this already exits and I can only hope that people at the Nieman Fundation will start to use it. Mark, can you hear me?


Naesia said...

As I know (and I don't know a lot about computers) such tehnology exist. And as I know (please, read the line above again) it isn't also so complicated or expensive anymore. And here is the question - why don't we have more directly broadcasted conferences on the internet? If we could watch Bar2 ...

Sonja said...

Hoj, do you have more information on that? Can you send me a link or something?