Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Good news, Bad News

Today I read the journal which has been prepared for the oncoming Days of Slovene Journalists. It was a sad read as most of the articles were quite pessimistic (especially the articles about censorship and self-cencorship in the media that are the result of the changes in the political situation, and the new Broadcasting and Media Act).
One of the writers mentioned how it is a pity that journalists write to journalists in their professional journal about the situation in the Slovene mediascape. Instead, she said, they should be writing to the general public. She also mentioned that the media scholars somehow seem reluctant to comment on what is going on. Unfortunately not the entire journal is online, si I will summarize her words: she basically said that she misses the true media scholars' perspective and opinion about the situation. Where did their voices go? Did they go silent because of the accusations that they are so called media scholars? According to her that should ignite them to voice their opinion, to judge, to comment, to warn.
I agree with her. But I would also like to add that some journalists write about the situation on their blogs and that some media scholars, too, write about the situation either on the blogs like Medijski watch dog or in the journals like Media Watch (and sometimes in newspapers, magazines, TV or Radio). However, there should be more of them and they should react more often.
It was inspiring to read that some of the bloggers are heard. Borut Peterlin, the photoeditor of the weekly magazine Mladina, for example, writes (and posts pictures)on his blog Dancing Photography about the dispute between the Roma people and the villagers from Ambrus (he seem to be one of the few journalists who try to go beyond the obvious, the stereotypical and who avoid the sensationalism); he has been contacted by a journalist from the New York Times who wanted to cover the story.
This blog , on the other side, does not want to be an outlet for criticism or lament on the current situation in the Slovene media or the society. Instead, I would like to show the positive side of the media and journalism business (I was always saying that there is too much bad news in the newspapers and that we should focus also on good news; but then again I do not mean this in the sense Ivan Štuhec meant when he said that media will write about the nicest and most inspiring events on their front pages. I especially do not agree with the rest of the quote published in the aforementioned journal where I read it). That is why I am posting links to the sites that I found useful or inspiring (beside those, of course, that mean something to me on the personal level:)).
For now, I am complaining only to my friends, because we can discuss the problems and this way I have the feeling that I can tell everything and get a feedback immediately. Perhaps one day, when they will grow tired of listening, this will change. And I will start complaining here:)


B5 said...

Yes let's do something about this thing journalism that we all like!
Count me in!
Borut 5

Sonja said...

@b5: Thanks. I think we should. As soon as I will know something that could be useful, I will let you (and anybody interested) know. Congratulations on your work. I really love it!