Thursday, July 31, 2008

Us and Them

Here is an interesting article from New Yorker about China's angry youth. For all those who want to know more about the country and all those who wan to muse on things such as objectivity, cropping, fairness and balance in reporting, truth.

Just look at this example:
A photograph on, for instance, had been cropped around military trucks bearing down on unarmed protesters. But an uncropped version showed a crowd of demonstrators lurking nearby, including someone with an arm cocked, hurling something at the trucks. To Tang, the cropping looked like a deliberate distortion. (CNN disputed this and said that the caption fairly describes the scene.)

But: isn't all journalism a crop of reality?

We should be aware that every report is limited by the humannes of the reporter.

That's why I like literary journalism. Because literary journalists admit their subjectivity. If not by the use of first person then by the use of their voice.


maya said...

nice being here. thankyou for the posts.

By the way.., the words 'Us and Them' reminds me to the song from Pink Flyod..

Sonja said...

thank you. it's inspiring to know that people read this blog. i might start writing it more often again. however, i am more focused on facebook, now, as you have probably noticed.:)
and yes, us and them is taken from pink floyd. i like that song and the title very much.

Anonymous said...

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Evil said...

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