Thursday, June 14, 2007


Dear Xiaoqing, I know I am a little late but I still wanted to congratulate you via this blog as well because I have difficulties posting comments on yours.
I am very proud to announce that my American roomate became a doctor of biochemistry this month. I think this is really great; I can only imagine what it means to become a biochemistry doctor in this developing world. All the best to you, Xiaoqing.
With Xiaoqing graduating and soon leaving Columbia, an important part of my life is coming to an end. Although I have not been there for quite sometime, the time I spent at MU is very important to me. I am using this opportunity to say hello and thank you to Xiaoqing, Annamaria, Frank, Wassim, Melanie, Moni, Eva, Joe, Jacqui, Jackie, Stephanie and all the rest of the wonderful people I met in Columbia. I doubt that some of them are able to or have time to read this blog, however this is my little thank you for the wonderful year we shared.


Sonja said...
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Xiaoqing said...

Dear Sonja, wow! Thank you very much for posting this essay esp. for me! I'm really honored! I think the same about the wonderful time you spent in Columbia. Short as it was, we managed to have established and developed our friendship. So many times I tell people how blessed I was to have you as my roommate and close friend since the second day I arrived. I'm still keeping your old stuff like the vacummn cleaner. I remember it's your favorite so much so that you wanted to take it home with you. Now it's still working fine. :) Life is like a big book. We are now or going to be turning to a new page of our lives. But memories forever stay.

Sonja said...

I agree with you, that time was really special.

Memories stay, however, I hope to see you again somewhere, sometime.

Xiaoqing said...

So do I and we will. ^_^