Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Busy, busy, busy

This days I am officially on holidays, but I hardly find any time to write emails or blog posts.
I am working on a paper I am going to present at the IAMCR conference in Paris. It's title is "Feature Story in Newspapers: Putting Theory into Practice Might Help the Circulation".
I am looking forward to this conference as it will be a first really big one that I will attend. I hope to meet interesting collegues in hear about their work. However, I am also looking forward to spending a few days in Paris, especially as I will be there with my family.
Meanwhile, I received a note that the first IALJS newsletter has been published online. It is good to read about things you are interested in. The newsletter brings along a list of scholarly bibliography on literary journalism which is wonderful as it is hard to keep up with every new text on the subject. An additional good feature is a list of good examples of literary journalism writing compiled by IALJS members.

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