Friday, December 08, 2006

Uau, they dared to air that!

The other day we were watching the programme Preverjeno on POP TV. The first story was about hate speech. (This is a common topic of conversation in Slovenia these days. Isn't that sad?)
And after watching it, we commented: "uau, they dared to airthat!" The rest of the sentence remained unsaid: "for how long POP TV will be able to air such stories?" And then it struck us: isn't that awfull that in Slovenia in 2006 we are thinking like that?
Besides, the story on people inspecting the convoy of police vehicles in Grčarice, I first read on Dancing Photography. Borut ended his blog with the following words: "Thank you POP TV for not censoring this!" Well, the media situation in Slovenia doesn't need any further comments, does it?


Manca said...

Heh... I watched it as well. I'm glad that they made such a piece and broadcasted it. I guess it is one of the best stories I watched in the last few weeks. Hopeing that it opended some minds... it should at least!

Sonja said...

@manca: I agree. It was actually much much better than stories in Preverjeno usually are. Quite a piece.