Sunday, December 24, 2006

They Buldozz Houses, Don't They?

It's almost Christmas Eve and people are feeling the Christmas spirit. Some with the aid of Hollywood movies, some in other ways.
There is no Christmas spirit in real life in Slovenia. Yesterday the President wanted to bring mobile homes for the Strojan family, so that they can spend the Christmas Eve in a temporary home. But the local villagers prevented him.
What kind of Christmas spirit is that? Do Christmas miracles happen only in movies? Is real life really so cruel?
Local people argue that they have some local law forbidding people to camp in their community. I wonder if they would follow the law if anyone else decided to camp there beside the Strojan family?
The state was quick to buldozz the homes of the Strojan family. However, it took the same state a couple of years to stop a family in Ljubljana from illegally changing the inclination of their roof, and there are people in Ljubljana who decided to illegally add another floor to their homes, and they even used their neighbor's land for the workers to walk on while doing it. The neigbors complained, in vain. There was no state inspector preventing the illegal building in that case. The neigbors were told that nothing can be done. Is that hypocrisy or what?
Good Bye, Christmas Spirit in Slovenia.

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