Monday, October 23, 2006

Why Finding Your Voice?

First, a photo of my son Jernej ...

And then:
The title of my blog comes from an article I once wrote for the media institute Poynter. I attended a a National Writers Workshop in St. Louis and was asked to write a review of a lecture by Walt Harrington. I admired him because of his book Intimate Journalism so it was not a problem to do that. I gave my review the title Finding Your Voice because this is one of the things the literary journalism is about: "your voice". The "your" means the author's voice and the subject's voice. It can also mean "my voice" through this blog and "your voice" if you care to comment my blog, journalism and state of the media in general.

I found a hint about Pipeline to Peril, a series on Nepalese workers in Iraq, in Columbia Journalism Review. I liked the beginning of one of them.

How many such stories go unreported?

The hint in CJR was in fact an advertisment by the newspaper Chicago Tribune. The newspaper was proud of his reporter who also won many awards for the story. And I was wondering: would Delo do such a thing for one of its stories/reporters?


Anonymous said...

Hello. I need to inform you that you are in violation of trademark infringement. I own the trademark, Find Your Voice(R), and you need to stop using it immediately.
Thank you.
Nicki McClusky

Sonja said...

Hello, I changed it into Finding Your Voice. Sonja