Thursday, May 03, 2007

My Apologies

By accident I turned on the comment moderation option and I didn't know it until now. That's why the comments did not appear. I am still not very familiar with blogger and sometimes I do things unintentionally and without knowing ...
Still no good news regarding the situation in the media in Slovenia (actually things are getting worse as procedings against journalists continue; besides more and more media organizations from abroad have noticed the appearance of censorship and selfcensorship in Slovenia and the loss of media freedom), but at least I find it extremely positive that a few weeks ago the constitution court ruled in favour of Breda Smolnikar, a writer who has been accused of insulting some women who said that they recognized their parents in one of writer's stories; they claimed that the writer was very offensive towards their parents. The constitution court finally decided that she is not guilty and the case is now closed. The process has been very long and I can't imagine what the writer must have gone trough during that time.
BTW: If you supposedly recognize your parents in a story that is offensive towards them (describing their sex life and so on), why do you tell this to the whole world? Only for money that you hope to extract from the writer?


Anonymous said...

Please list us some examples of positive attitude approach about the media situation. I cannot find any good example.

Sonja said...

I was not talking about positive approach towards the media only situation but towards things in general.

This last post already is positive because I pointed out a good court decision in Smolnikar case.

Besides, a few posts down I was writing about what journalists could do to write better.

You are right, dear Anonymous, that lately there hasn't been much positive attitude towards media in this blog, but this is simply because I do not see too many positive things. However, I try not to complain all the time and do nothing else.

Besides, I decided that from now on I am not going to answer anonymous comments. As it can be easily seen who am I, I expect from the others who participate on this blog to the same.

It much too easy to post comments as an anonymous person. This last one was polite but otherwise too many people hide behind anonymous nicknames or simply do not identify themselves at all themselves and feel powerful (and often are abusive) because of that.