Monday, April 16, 2007

A Slow Death

My blog is dying a slow death. I rarely find time to post something and I wander if it makes sense to keep it. However, it seems that the maxim if you are not in the media you do not exist transformed into if you are not online you do not exist. I envy all those teachers and professionals who find time to write their opinion or post important information and are trendsetters in the blog world. I, on the other hand, am not even able to keep reading the blogs that are most important to me.
It's funny, if you think about blogs, how they are bizillion of them somewhere out there, and how on the side, there is no way that people will find or read them. But we still keep writing, hoping that someone will find our words interesting.
For now, I think I will continue to write this blog. I only hope that I will be able to keep it interesting.
And so that this post won't concentrate only on technical dilemmas. I was outraged by the latest commentary by Mićo Mrkaić in Delo. I tried to figure it out if it is worth to write about it. One, because he is offensive and second, because I think he is doing it on purpose. Perhaps not so much because he really thinks what he writes, but rather because he likes to make scandals.
His idea that only people with a degree in economics should write about economy can also translate into that only politicians should write about politics and ministers about their ministries. He mentions that informed journalists could easily figure out that one of the economists writing in the media don't know anything. Does that mean that only those who agree with Mrkaić can have an opinion and relevant as columnists?
Mrkaić obviously doesn't care much about social sciences and humanities; he has already shown that culture means nothing to him. Why does keep writing about those topics, anyway? Just to ignite angry answers?


Xiaoqing said...

Sonja, you must have heard the terrible thing that happened in Virginia. I wonder how people outside US think of it. I somehow feel I am affected because of the racial issue that was involved. You know by coincidence, today there was a gun shot in Columbia and one person was critically injured. From that point on, I have been feeling so scared and insecure. People already started to talk about the effects of the masacre on the onging 'Asian American week' on campus. No other times than now do I feel the exact meaning of peace and safe.

I can tell you feel discouraged about the blog but I guess it depends on what purposes you want your blog to serve. I created my blog basically because I have an urge from time to time to write something down. If others read it and liked it, fine. But if not, fine with me,too. It's to me kind of like a diary. It doesn't matter what other people think about it, let alone whether they like it. I have something to say at that moment, I say it by means of words and that's it. I'm happy. PS: That people don't make a comment doesn't mean they are not reading, such as me.

Anonymous said...

Mrkaić is pure provocateur, nothing else. What he does is only promoting himself. And the price we have to pay is high.

Sonja said...

@anonymous: I agree with you.
@xiaoqing: It made me sad to read your comment. It is horrible that you feel threatened. I think it is unacceptable that people connect the violenc of one person with his community; besides this is like if someone from on European country would do something and people in America would blame all Europeans for his act. I am not saying that one should relate his actions with other people from South Korea, either.
I think that what happened is terrible!
Thanks also for your words regarding blog writing. I agree, you are right, I am doing it for myself as sometimes I have this need to write down what I think.